You know that Bill Gates and Donald Trump are billionaires. Most likely you have never heard of Bill Bartmann. Let me tell you, he is also a billionaire - just like Bill Gates and Donald Trump. What did they COMMON? All of them know the secret of their success resides deep in their heads. What are they doing that THEY KNOW NOT know? The answer: all of them know the secret of their success resides deep in their heads. They are not like most people, when they start to earn money.

If most people decide that they want more money, what do they do? You see some MAGIC program like money from home, the money on ebay, real estate, stocks, commodities, and so on. They desperately and wild buy a program after another. They flock from one seminar to another listening to the promises of gurus who tell them they make tons of money overnight! These people will receive this “hype” and are even cleverly “manipulated” in a state of motivation, THAT YOU FEEL so good, they also buy more books, cassettes and CDs from these seminars. Then they go home, they try a few things and the reality sets in. It is not everything, as they say. They find they can not make money, despite all the promises of the gurus, which itself is not about money. “What’s wrong?”, Questions her. Their answer, “That stupid program I bought not work.” Then they turn around and start looking for another program to buy and try. And they keep on this endless, vicious loop forever. Are all of these programs really that bad? Some are. Others are excellent and have the potential to make huge sums of money for those who buy them. Would Bill Gates, Donald Trump and Bill Bartmann success and make huge sums with the same programs? Yes. But WHY? You have the right to finance Blueprint. But read on.

Faith and the universal law of attraction.

The Universal Law of Attraction “states that one in itself attracts the people, the things, the conditions and experiences, with the belief holds a deep in his subconscious mind. These deeply-rooted beliefs are materializing as a state of health, bank accounts, jobs, homes, girlfriends, wives, friends, and everything else one experiences during a trip to this physical dimension. “The deep-rooted beliefs in our minds Subconscious create our own reality.” The law of life is the law of faith, which is another name for the Universal Law of Attraction. That is a truth that very few people know and understand.

At this point, it is important to clarify that the Subconscious mind, the deep-rooted convictions and “materialized” AS them your reality. Therefore, we were able to determine that “Your beliefs create your reality.” More specifically, but “YOU are creating your reality by faith accept and hold in your subconscious.” Convictions are the tools used by you for this creation. From that moment on, any time you click on a statement like “Your beliefs create your reality ‘, One must always materialize at all levels of the existence of the sum of all convictions (both known and unknown) he holds in his subconscious mind.

Your self-image

Your self-image is, as you and your world, what about yourself and your world what you think about yourself and your world what you believe about yourself and your world - in the INSIDE of your head. Your self-image is made up of what you see, think, feel and believe to absolutely true about themselves and their world, not only on the conscious level, but on the plains DEEPEST your being completely out of the consciousness. It is the TOTAL your beliefs, values and rules, and the associated images, sensations, feelings and emotions. Another name for your exact self-image is IDENTITY, your real ID. Your self image is the blueprint or PHOTOGRAPH OF YOU that you carry wherever you go. Your self-image is the kind of person you think you are, your identity. It was in your subconscious, which is as true or false about you and your world. Your self image DECISION whether you healthy or ill, whether you are rich or poor, whether you win or encounter women, regardless of whether you are a winner or a loser, smart or super-smart or stupid. Her body, interior, finance, relationships and your whole world PRECISE AT THIS MOMENT are nothing more than the VISIBLE, physical materialization of your internal self-image. Your self-image is the REAL you, your true identity. It determines what you can or can not achieve what we may or may not have what you are trying to achieve, and what to avoid, what and how you think, your attitudes and behaviors. It determines your health, the quality of your relationships, the “nature” of women and connects you win, your “good” or “bad” Fortunately, the amount of money in your bank account (s), what kinds of talents, skills and features that you have any positive or destructive habits. It determines whether you are bold and outrageous or shy, timid, insecure person. It dictates whether you are good at math or art, or nothing. It determines whether you are earning good money, or you can hardly survive from one paycheck to the next.

Your money blueprint

Your self-image can be divided into mini-self-images, one for every other area of your life. This corresponds to the money / financial area is known as your financial self-image. Some refer to them as cash or financial Blueprint Blueprint.

The first and very WRONG what the vast majority of people do in order to make more money is wild and desperate to buy every book and CD, and try all the “rich” programme at home to work for money at home, money online, make money on ebay, or investments in real estate, stocks and commodities. Thousands and thousands of people already tried, the programs WORKED VERY HARD for a while, just to give FAIL miserably because they know, YOU ARE NOT ALREADY PRE-PROGRAMMED FOR FINANCIAL FAILURE. Probably, YOU are one of them.

Most people have absolutely no CLUE that their financial futures contracts are already preprogrammed WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT AND KNOW deep in their subconscious computers, the personal on-board computers they have. Their financial self-image ( “Money blueprints”) are already on the financial FAILURE SET.

Therefore, these people REPELLENTS money, and no matter how much they learn how much they know, how smart they think they are, what they do, how they work, HARD, or what they are in business, they are all doomed to FAIL again and again.

Is your computer Subconscious set / pre-PROGRAMMED to send you a few hundred, a couple of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions or billions of dollars? I bet that your computer Current Subconscious SET YOU to fight for and produce only a few thousand dollars, maybe even less - perhaps even permanently broke. The real terrible SAD news is that you never spend more money than the current settings in your computer, you can Subconscious. That is the reason why you deal with all kinds of money problems and limitations. It does not matter what you try, what they do, how smart you think you are, how big your talents, skills and abilities, or what kind of business you in. face the truth: Your computer is Subconscious for financial SET FAILURE. And financial FAILURE, all you will continue to receive, unless you train again.

To get rid of your money problems once and for all needs YOU RE-TRAIN Subconscious your computer so you automatically THINK like a millionaire by “PROGRAMMING” to “IT” Millionaire Secrets of the Mind millionaires, multi-millionaires and billionaires, then SET ” IT “to win in the millions or billions, not just thousands, or a few hundred, or close to nothing - like most people do. Everything else will FAIL.

Finding out what your money Blueprint

To help you, here is a brief and simplified method allows you immediately. (From “Millionaire Mind reprogramming Course”).

Here are some peaceful, quiet time where you are not disturbed. Then open the workbook (or a notebook of your choice) and write as a title at the top of a brand new page:

My current MONEY.BLUEPRINT Start by asking yourself these questions KEY relationship with MONEY. Their job is to write down everything you see, think, feel and think about themselves and MONEY. Write everything, check whether it is positive or harmful. Really go for it and dig as much information as possible from your computer Subconscious.

1) “How / what I feel and think / feel about me and the money?” Now you write in your workbook everything to your mind. Hold that question until all possible answers. If satisfied, go to the next question.

2) “What I am happy with the money?” Now you write in your workbook everything to your mind. Hold that question until all possible answers. . If satisfied, go to the next question.

3) “I am like the WHO with the money?”

Most likely, follow the same financial ‘blueprint of your parents. Were they spenders or savers? Maybe avoiders? (She tries to deal with as little money as possible) Did they know how to manage their money or bad? Did you know about investing? Did they invest or not? Did they teach, how to handle money? Are you duplicate their “BAD” money habits? Now you write in your workbook everything to your mind. Hold that question until all possible answers. If satisfied, go to the next question.

4) “What experience do I recall that my convictions about money?” Now you write in your workbook everything to your mind. Hold that question until all possible answers. . If satisfied, go to the next important issue

5) Is my subconscious mind SET immediately earn. / Make hundreds of dollars, thousands of dollars, hundreds of thousands of dollars, millions? Now you write in your workbook everything to your mind. Hold that question until you are sure that you have exactly the bandwidth of the dollar Subconscious your mind, you can earn / make.

6) “Where the money come in the following list?” Put VALUES following in order of importance to you: health, love, security, safety, comfort, honesty, Finance (Financial Success), Integrity, learn. If the money is not among the top 3, then give money very little importance, it is not important enough for you, which means that one is always something.

After the completion of this exercise. Organize your list. Remove all the answers, which are outdated. Combining 2-3 replies in a similar, if possible. Then, the sequential number of each item in your list. Finally, place a (+) next to each item you as a PLUS to achieve financial success, and a (-) next to every item that you as a MINUS, LOADS to achieve financial success.

This list is your blueprint MONEY in written form. All, the (-) are limited in your ability to be financially successful. The more

(-), which you have, the more you are limited in your ability to achieve great financial success. In simple words, your finances Blueprint STINKS.

Unless and until you learn how to program and re-re-set your financial self-image (Money Blueprint) to success by all, the (-) MINUSES and add the (+) PLUSES the Millionaire Mind of Multimillionären, They continue to make more money problems. And FORGET about a millionaire.

Leo Foster is in a mission to make the process of making money and being a Millionaire not only EASY but also FUN. You may contact him at There you will find the BEST and FASTEST techniques and tools available, the “Millionaire Mind Reprogramming Course”, so that you can learn how to EASILY DOWNLOAD that ‘Millionaire Mind’, and start to ‘ believe, think, behave and achieve the success of the millionaires — or in a smaller home based businesses if that is your goal.